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...any aspiring voice actors out there?

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G'day all.

I've enjoyed making SP scenarios in the ArmA series in my spare time, for example, this one.


I've got a scenario involving spetznas sabotaging CDF equipment in Chernarus circa 2009 that is technically finished, but I need three voice actors who either speak Russian (or are willing to take a tilt at some Russian transliterated into English) to polish it off. Two parts are small (one-two lines each) and one is considerable (around 15 lines).

No prior experience required and I'll provide all the details.

Please, if you're interested (or you know someone who may be), drop me a PM, reply below or contact me here.

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3 hours ago, John Kettler said:

Cameron McDonald,

I tried Fiverr, but the only voice talent (can do Russian and Ukrainian) is female. This may be a deal breaker unless you can take those files and shift them into a male register. If I come across someone, I'll let you know.


John Kettler

Thanks John, your reply is much appreciated.

The good news is that I managed to track down sufficient Russian speakers to get the job done! The scenario is here, if anyone would like to give it a go. You'll need the RHS and CUP modpacks, as well as CBA (links after the jump).

...I'm still looking for talent for future scenarios, so please, if you do find anyone willing, drop me a line. :D

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