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Welcome to Trumpton:


A view of 'Trumpton Mega-Mall' (Twice the mall, twice the value!  B)) with the 'Golden Towers' luxury casino/hotel in the background.  :D

Couple of local landmarks:


McGrew Memorial Fire Station


Cobbit Museum (Don't forget to visit our great gift-shops!).

Still very much a WIP.  :blink:

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Cheeky :rolleyes:...but there's a lot of time and love poured into this map. Looking forward to see more and frankly your reputation precedes you on this front.

The firehouse is a great little touch; I could tell what it was well before reading the description below.

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9 hours ago, Rinaldi said:

Cheeky :rolleyes:...but there's a lot of time and love poured into this map. Looking forward to see more and frankly your reputation precedes you on this front.

Cheers.....Map making isn't really my thing, so this is just another tweaked variant of one of the stock maps, it's a bit of fun and writing scenarios with the CM:BS engine will be good practice for CM:SF II (as you can see I've already come up with a very simple fix for the balance issues with US units).

8 hours ago, Michael Emrys said:

Where the heck did the cars come from? Are they available as flavor objects?

The Cars are from Kieme, they're extra flavour objects in the vehicle category, you'll find a link to get them on Page 21 of his CM:BS Mod thread.  B)

42 minutes ago, Holman said:

So it's Russians on both sides, then?

Errr.....No!  ;)

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As folk seem to be taking this with the good humour with which it was intended, here's a few more things you will (eventually) get to blow to pieces:

A Typical street-scene in the downtown area:


& some more post-cards of specific named locations:


City Hall (with the colonial era St. Agnes' Church in the background)

Trumpton's an easy place to get to with great links by road & rail:


Bus Terminal (Should I use the name Greyhound or are there other flavours these days?)


Subway Station

Trumpton still has many legacy buildings from it's industrial heyday:


The Old Brewery

But some of them have fallen into disrepair:



As you can see it's still very much a WIP (about a bazillion flavour objects to add).  :rolleyes:

I've tweaked the interiors of the buildings too, so everything connects up as it should, it's quite time consuming but it makes a huge difference in the game.....Progress is slow (it's very much a secondary projects) but I'm getting there gradually, it's definitely a bit different from making a mess out of Mosul!  ;)

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1 hour ago, Chudacabra said:

Looks like an amazing map!

Cheers!  :)

TBH it's just idle messing around with a stock map (I forget which one).....It's all good practice for CM:SF II.

1 hour ago, Chudacabra said:

Where's the covfefe shop?

LOL!  :lol:

That's a great idea (and exactly the sort of thing I was hoping folk would suggest).....You just named the white building from the street-scene above!  B)

It's now marked as 'The White-House Covfefe Shop':


Here's a couple of interiors, first the mall:


& the abandoned factory (this one was really tricky because it's on uneven terrain alongside the rail cutting):


One more rather important exterior, Golden Towers (from either side):



This building will be the only 'Terrain Objective' on the map, it represents half the points, the other half are on killing your opponents.  The two thirteen storey towers overlap, but they do not connect and they don't have windows facing each other, to get between them you need to go down to the five storey side towers or across the roof (you could use demolitions charges, but it would probably blow the whole side of both towers open on that level). 

PS - For those not already aware of it, there was a UK children's TV series called Trumpton, many of the names are based on it:



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41 minutes ago, Erwin said:

Where's the golf course btw?

That's at Chigley.....Along with the shiny new yacht club & marina, all part of the recent government backed 'infrastructure project'.  ;)

41 minutes ago, Erwin said:

And a Clinton News Network TV studio.   :ph34r:

Well I wouldn't go so far as to attribute political sympathies, but we do have:



'The Fayke News Corporation' (formerly the 'Trumpton Daily Bugle'), the local newspaper was recently purchased by a holding company said to be largely owned by Russian billionaire Ivan Tukrushyu.  :D

1 hour ago, Wicky said:

Needs a Russian Embassy...

Trumpton is not big enough for an official presence, but see above (and I'm sure there'll be more, all suggestions are welcome).  :)

PS - 'Chigley' is actually a thing, but I've only got as far as laying out the new (& old) yacht club (you can never have too many yacht clubs) and clearing some crops & stuff for the golf course, I'll post some pics of that map in this thread when there's some worthwhile progress.

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On 8/6/2017 at 6:39 PM, Sgt.Squarehead said:

So, having been distracted from Mosul by this thread, I built this:


I can't make up my mind whether it's a hospital or a TV studio?  :rolleyes:

Thoughts & suggestions for a name welcome, positively encouraged even.  :D

How about Mt. Covfefe Memorial Hospital?

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13 hours ago, Sgt.Squarehead said:

Sorry fella, we've already done the 'Covfefe' gag, you were beaten to the punch by Chudacabra.....But you've made one decision for me, it's now definitely a hospital, just need a different name.  ;)

PPACA Implosion Medical Center?

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  • 1 year later...

Just saw this, and it is Most Excellent!!! 

1. But this is a One Percenter playground!  Mass transit in America is strictly for the unwashed. While the property manager provides employee minibus transport for 2 hours each way to Mopetown, the pickup point is on a back road out of sight, by the dumpsters. Look for all the cigarette butts and opioid foil packets.

2. The "hospital" is actually the corporate  offices of a health insurance provider (although largely vacant since most back office functions were outsourced to  Hyderabad).

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Cheers fella.....All strictly tongue in cheek, I hope to raise a smile with this, not cause any offence.  ;)

Thought I'd finally finished the mapping of Trumpton itself, but I did my usual stupid trick of exiting without saving.....So I've got a bit of restoration to do then it's adding the rest of the flavour objects, there will be literally thousands of them when I'm done (it's into the hundreds already)!  Consequently although it's only a small map it may take a while to load, hopefully it'll be worth it once you are in there.

I'd very much appreciate it if anyone who does feel 'triggered' by this would kindly keep their thoughts and comments to themselves.....There are plenty of sites for political quibbling, but this isn't one of them.  :mellow:

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