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PBEM Medium Map RECON package

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Greetings ---

As someone who plays a ton of PBEM multiplayer, I've taken the liberty of making a recon package for every single Final blitzkrieg MEDIUM sized map.

I chose all medium maps as the first set, because I believe that size lends well to most multiplayer engagements.

By taking screenshots of both American and German deployment zones, you can quickly use these folders to preview maps without launching actual quick battle previews ---- and it gives a quick study in how to choose forces / eliminates the confusion of "How far can the enemy forward deploy" & vice versa. 

Enjoy, but don't enjoy so much that you drop arty strikes in the drop zones, turn 1. ;) 



PS ---- Always open for  PBEM, feel free to send a challenge at any time.

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When/if I ever get the fortitude, I'll try and knock out the small and large maps (with a higher resolution screenshot) .... Glad you found it useful!  

...If only Battlefront would move that "preview" button to the map selection screen.... but that must be the kind of advanced coding that only a team of NSA / Chinese hackers can produce.  </sarcasm> :D 

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