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CMRT Campaign: Zitadelle: Totenkopf's March to Prokhorovka

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Am not a fan of night scenarios.  Have to turn up the gain on my monitor so it looks like crappy daylight just to see what am doing.  However, I enjoyed this particular scenario as it's fun to creep around feeling for the enemy which one encounters at very short range.  It's a great scenario as one gets a lot of use out of flamethrowers :) and satchel charges.

So once in a while a night scenario is fun.  But, otherwise I agree, they are usually simply frustrating and pointless if one can't see anything without greatly enhanced brightness.

I actually need to play this one again as the first time I tested it there was an error that made the mortars useless.  (DW has fixed that.)



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The working link is on page 3 since he couldn't edit the OP later on.   It's here

This thing has been sitting on my hard drive for quite sometime. I was waiting for a module or vehicle pack to be released to give me the correct vehicles needed but since that doesn't look like its g

I can provide a dropbox link to anyone interested. Send me a pm. I am working on getting all my campaigns on CMODS

With Reshade installed in OpenGl and experimenting with simply switching off/on effects ingame (no value tweaking needed) I am able to produce visually appealing nights that are bright enough and don´t need the artificial shader or ugly brightness amounts.

However it comes with a big con I didn´t figure out how to fix. In briefing and menu screens you have to turn it off with a hotkey temporarily otherwise you will get crazy visual bugs.

You guys could try it if the technical stuff and the downsides of this don´t scare you

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