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Map making for computer wargames just done right

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This is quite awesome.

I am not sure what is the resolution of the underlying grid - being a Bn level late horse and musket game probably like 100 meters - but this is pretty great and I find it quite inspiring. Just being able to trace roads and water courses like that would be a pretty awesome step forward in facilitating the creation of scenarios for CM.

General Staff is a new war game which is being developed by an old timer of computer wargames (maybe somebody remembers their Universal Wargame Systems), which back in the day had a very different vibe from the games created by designers like Norm Koger, John Tiller or Gary Grigsby.



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43 minutes ago, Bil Hardenberger said:

I "should" ;)

Interesting Miquel.. not so sure about the game, but the map-maker is cool.

I know you'd find it a bit abstract. It is computer Kriegsspiel after all, we could play having potatoes, corn cobs and tomatoes to do the part of battalions, squadrons and batteries over the kitchen table, really - so the focus is on command, control and friction. That's rarely explored in computer wargames, hence why I thought you should love it. The designer does know what he talks about and his industry/research track record is pretty solid. I wasn't lucky enough to have a Commodore Amiga, so I have no idea how his games actually played out.

I would be surprised if they sell more than 1,000 copies, but I do certainly like the concept.

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The project got funded on Kickstarter 


I was one of the 297 backers... We are still far from the 1,000 imaginary line I had set n my previous post. Ezra seems very happy and I am happy too to see how this "concept" war game got the funds / support it asked for. 


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I wish we had something like this for CM games!!
If we could just make roads etc that are NOT dependent on the current map tile system.
In other words things currently roads, buildings etc. have to use 45 degree rotations.

And drawing hills and forest areas like in the movie...

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