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CMRT deep / shallow ford mods ?

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Two points on this one.

1) You wouldn't notice it under the water graphics that sit across all water and ford tiles. You'd only notice the texture of the camera was moved under the water line. This is why may map makers give subtle clues where a fjord is located on the banks of a river or stream.

2) I asked a few years ago and it's doubtful the community can majorly edit the colour of the water. (I wanted a brackish brown/green tinge for a small city map I wanted to try).


Hope that helps.

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Skilled designers "lead" you to the fords by creating paths and other visual cues that there are crossings there. And/or, they put a "Ford" label on it. ;)

Edited to add: Another technique is to widen the water obstacle out at the ford. This shows a shallower area and less current.

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