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Classic map from CMBtB.






In the closing days of 1944 the Soviet Union began to tighten its grip on Hungary. With Soviet forces less than 100 miles from Budapest, Hungary was a monarchy without a king, governed by an Admiral without a navy, regent Miklos von Horthy. In the last months of 1944 Horthy decided to begin negotiating the surrender of Hungary's sizeable army with the Russians in return for political considerations. Hitler, of course knew all about the negotiations, and sent the famous commando leader Otto Skorzeny to secure Horthy's "cooperation." In a roundabout series of events, Horthy abdicated and the Germans assumed total control of the German-Hungarian military forces.
Undeterred, the Soviets continued closing in. On Christmas Eve of 1944 a strong probe of Russian tanks found a way into Budapest.
Buda, on the west side of the Danube (Pest was on the east), had been physically untouched by the war, and holiday shoppers on trolley cars watched calmly as the Russian tanks rolled past them. Believing them to be Germans, all was calm until the red stars were noticed. Panic set in.
The Russian tankers made several wrong turns and became lost and increasingly frustrated. They finally reached as far as the famed Hotel Gellert before meeting any resistance. A German reaction force engaged the Russians and a vicious battle broke out within the city. Terrified churchgoers witnessed the finale as the last Russians were cornered and destroyed in front of the cathedral.
Historical Aftermath: This was the first the citizens of Budapest were to encounter of the Russian forces, but was not to be the last. By January 10th the Russians had cleared eight city districts in hand-to-hand fighting, and by the 17th of January the last German and Hungarian defenders were forced to retreat across the Danube to fortified Pest. The battle became a bitter siege, but the 70,000-strong entrenched defenders desperately thwarted every attack despite being trapped. Every day brought more Russian forces to bear. Finally the German commander, Karl von Pfeffer-Wildenbruch, ordered his men to attempt a breakout.
The Red Army commander knew all about the breakout and secretly moved his forces away from the first buildings surrounding the German and Hungarian troops. As the three escape groups moved off in different directions, the Russians blasted the recently evacuated buildings with targeted artillery and rocket fire. Those Germans that survived the rocket barrage were met by dense masses of Russian troops.
Of Pfeffer-Wildenbruch's original 70,000 men, little more than 700 escaped to German lines.

The Hungarian forces within the city consist of: two SdKfz 222 20mm armed armored cars one Panzer 4 one Hetzer tank-one platoon of infantry
A section of heavy machine guns and two tank hunter teams are in place in strategic points around the city.
The reaction force will arrive in approxiamately five minutes and will contain the following: lx platoon of Tiger tanks 2x platoons of Panzer Grenadiers lx platoon of Stug III
Зх SPW 251/1 halftracks lx SdKfz 251/9 assault halftrack lx Sd. Kfz.251/17 AA halftrack 2x tank hunter teams 2x HG42 HMGs lx Panzershreck


Following is the OOB for your forces:
14x T-34/85 Medium Tank 3x platoons SMG Squad 2x Tank Hunter Team
We do not expect reinforcements within the next few hours. We must do the job with the forces at hand.

H2H only.

Danube Blues Classic v4 beta

https://www.dropbox.com/s/jr60n0utat30nqw/Danube blues Classic v4.btt?dl=0

For max fun need any winter mod. I used "Winter 44 Compilation mod" - https://cloud.mail.ru/public/4mg4/XxCCi2HWy

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