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Desperate Measures Classic scenario

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Classic map from CMBtB.





I.Abteilung/Panzer-Regiment 24 has been formed and sent to Army Group South to help defend Hungary. The regiment has been assigned to one of four Panzer divisions, currently under 1.Panzer-Division, and its Panthers are being used piece-meal in local counter-attacks and defenses.
In one of the local counter-attacks, the regiment is asked to support an infantry attack on a small village with a commanding view of a small river near Gran, Hungary. In the cold night, the orders came down: Panzers Forward!

Elements from 1.Panzer Division:
1 - Panzer Grenadier Company (Mot), Consists of:
1 - Company HQ
3 - Panzer Grenadier Platoons (3 - Panzergrenadier 44 Squads, 1 - Panzerschreck Team)
1 - Heavy Weapons Platoon (4 - MG42 HMGs, 2 - 81mm Mortars)
4 - Panther (Panzer VG late)
1 - 105mm Spotter (Radio)
2 - Panther (Panzer VG late)
1 - Panzer Grenadier Company (Mot) [Partial], Consists of:
1 - Company HQ
1 - Panzer Grenadier Platoons (3 - Panzergrenadier 44 Squads, 1 - Panzerschreck Team)
1 - MG42 Heavy Machine Gun From Division:
1 - Motorized Pioneer Platoon (4 - Panzer Pioneer 44B Squads, 4 - Flamethrower Teams)
2 - Panzerschreck Teams


Elements from Guards Tank Division:
1 - Guards Rifle Company, Consists of:
1 - Company HQ
3 - Guards Rifle Platoons (3 - Rifle 44 Squads, 1 - Snipers)
2 - Maxim Machineguns
5 - T-34/85 Model 1944 Tanks (late)
1 - 45mm Model 42 Anti-tank Gun
2 - 76.2mm M1542 ZiS-3 Guns
3 - SU-85 Assault Guns
1 - Guards Rifle Platoon (2 - Rifle 44 Squads, 1 - Snipers)
1 - DShK 12.7mm Heavy Machine Gun

https://www.dropbox.com/s/70vy72xm79z8ltk/Desperate Measures Classic v2.btt?dl=0

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What is that mod?  The site seems to be Russian.  Is it on CMMODS?

Given all the fuss on hacking etc. Donald tells me that we all now have to be paranoid downloading anything from Russia that one can't be certain about.  :unsure:


Edited by Erwin
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Do not worry! My personal KGB officer said that if the bear is fed in time, it's safe to download excellent mods from Russian sites. If I upload a mod somewhere else, it will not become less Russian. It's just a compilation from Winter Mod, ARIS skins, Stalingrad mod. Work without tags SNOW. Page mod - http://imtw.ru/topic/49160-mod-cmrt-winter-44-compilation-mod/page__st__30

Edited by Thief2125
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Erwin, I downloaded some of it, and it appears as advertised...a compilation of various winter mods with the "Snow" tag removed so you can just plop them in your z folder and don't have to be concerned whether the scenario has the mod tag.  Too bad I had already done all that work removing the tags from most of the snow mods for myself several months ago!  Good job, Thief!


Now, I should warn you that for some odd reason, I just received an email confirmation that I voted in 19 different jurisdictions today, none of which had any actual elections, and that I apparently voted for "Erwin" for dogcatcher in each instance.  Don't know what the hell that's all about, but I wouldn't worry....:D

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That's a really cool conversion map Thief2125 and looks like you did a great job. Combined with your other release I'm actually interested with the fighting in Hungary now to the point that's what I'm hoping the next RT module is if there is one.

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