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Hybrid warfare subject of last week's "Madam Secretary" episode

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The show is known for presenting a gritty look at diplomacy, so much so it's causing a fracas even before broadcasting a particular episode, and there couldn't be anything more topical for us than seeing hybrid warfare go mainstream on a widely watched well crafted and acted drama. Precisely the sorts of issues we've been discussing for years now are on display in the show, though the display is really in our minds as the unfolding and reported but unseen background to what we do see, which is SecState McCord trying desperately to get a rather fractious and even rancorous NATO to invoke Article 5 before the target country is lost, first to "Green Men," then Russian main force troops. Pretty gripping stuff, but I won't reveal the target or the juicy details of the notional Russian actions and forces involved.

"Article 5"



John Kettler

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