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New Scenario: Cat and Mouse in the Promka

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This scenario depicts a semi-historical engagement between Ukrainian forces (Blue) and Russian-backed Separatists (Red) during February of 2016. It is a infantry only action as there were no AFV's or tanks involved at the time of the engagement. The scenario is best played with the winter mod installed but it can be played without but with the loss of the immersion.


Scenario Requirements:


Scenario Specifics:

Blue Side Only
Length - 1 Hour 10 Minutes
Map Size - Medium
3 AI Plans for replayability
Reinforcements have random arrival times for both sides to add replay variety.

Mods - Tagged mods are included with the scenario
1. Winter Mod - by the Winter Modification Team
2. Separatists Mod - by Blimey
3. DPR and Ukrainian Winterized Uniforms- by dragonwynn
4. Map - by dragonwynn ( The map is a compressed representation of the actual area. It is not historical accurate but was done at this scale to balance the smaller unit compositions in the scenario.)

Special Note:

My special thanks to Haiduk for his input and guidance for this scenario and map design. Though this is not historically perfect by any standard (the forces involved were smaller groups than depicted here but for playability I used approximately  partial company size units for each) but I hope it will give a good impression of the types of combat that is currently happening in those areas.

Possible Conflicts:

If you have downloaded my CMBS Russian Campaign: The Mountains of Allah there could be some possible conflicts between those mods and this pack. Both use the Winter Mod with the same tags so it should not be any conflict with terrain but if it does just remove the Allah Mod folder out of the dataz and return when finished with this scenario.

The uniform mod uses the stock Ukrainian uniforms with some snow effects applied by me and is tagged to this scenario only. The Separatist Mod by Blimey (awesome work) is also tagged to this scenario only with some applied snow effects and it uses the Russian uniform slot so it should not interfere with any of my previous CMBS stuff (The Eagle and the Bear and The Shadow of the Motherland Campaigns). But if so just remove those mod packs and return when finished. Sorry in advance if anything arises.


Download Options:

Recommended: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lqtpj7cg20fsn7e/Avdiivka Project.zip?dl=0

This link includes all the mods for winter play. Uniform snow effects, vehicle snow effects and terrain. This is how the scenario was ment to be played as it reflects the actual timelines of the real engagements. But it is a hefty download for one scenario.

Optional: https://www.dropbox.com/s/l5rk8u75mjk5t1r/Avdiivka Project 2.zip?dl=0

This link is if you have already downloaded my Mountains of Allah Russian campaign. That campaign has the winter mod attached and the tags are the same so the senario should pick them up (this is untested). The uniforms and vehicle mods are included with this download but it is much smaller in size.

Optional 2: Download the second version, trash the mods and just play the scenario in summer terrain. Drawback is your seperatists will look like Russians.

Download your choice and place the mod folder in the dataz directory and the .btt into the scenario folder.


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Thank you. Looks very good.

My only comment at a glance is that I seemed to have most of the forces that are slated as "reinforcements" in my set-up forces.  (eg: The tech units and two recon platoons each with 4 squads.)  Is that correct?

Edited by Erwin
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Ok I loaded it up and all appeared to be as it should. The reinforcements are random so it is possible for them to be available at the start I guess. The 1st Company platoon is the reserve so check and see if its them. try reloading and see if they appear again as their are 3 AI plans.


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I noticed that the "recon" squads all have nothing more than the basic AK.  However, there were also two full platoons of 4 squads each that were subordinate to the superior Bn(?) Recon HQ, but which possessed what looked like assault unit weapons load out.  That's why I thought I was getting all or most of the reinforcements in the set-up turn.

If it was your intention that all random units could potentially be available immediately during the set-up turn that's fine.  Otherwise, maybe have them not have any probability of arriving until a few turns into the game(?)

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