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Blood on the Tracks (CM:RT crossover)

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Hi all,

Just giving you a heads up that "Blood on the Tracks", a scenario from CM:RT, has been successfully imported into CM:BS. The map looks good and I have placed most of the fortifications although something will have to be substituted for bunkers as CM:BS doesn't have any. The conversion will portray a Russian meat-grinder assault on a Ukrainian rail hub. I would like to credit the original author so if anyone knows who this is (or maybe it's you), let me know.


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Every scenario of yours (snake_eye) I have played has been excellent.  In addition to "Blood On The Tracks", I especially enjoyed "A Helluva Road Opening" for CMSF and "The Road Of All Fears" for CMA. 

I want to try "A Helluva Take Over" (CMSF) again.  I recall having problems with enemy air and hopefully I now know how to better hide my tanks from air attack.

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On 02/06/2017 at 6:08 PM, Erwin said:

I want to try "A Helluva Take Over" (CMSF) again.  I recall having problems with enemy air and hopefully I now know how to better hide my tanks from air attack.

@ Erwin,

Thanks Erwin. Interesting, you want to play it again. Right now I am also engaged in the same fight "UK a helluva take over - Op Market Garden".  I have secured LZ Nira 1 and 2, after having had two Counter Attacks (Platoons size or one Company ?) against Hassan village, defeated. I also had a strong and powerful armor thrust along Nira LZ 1, aimed at the bridge and dam area. I was able to stop it with whatever I had in hand at first in order to gain time, for one Humvee ATGM to get in position on the heights of the dam. Then the Apache was available. I stopped the penetration short of the bunker being at the end of the bridge. Despite having done the scenario, I was surprised more than one time and had great fun playing it. I am now waiting for the Brits to come and maybe reach the airport, which I do not recall, I had succeeded to do.

I reminded having trouble destroying bunkers with the SMAW. I had them again. I also was again surprise to see that abunker was destroyed (Red base) but its occupants were still keeping up the fight ! Finally the bunker could only be destroyed (if it was not) with the occupants by only using a squad able to assault it.

I have also seen in the AAR that Nira LZ 2 was not secure. However all bunkers being on it had been destroyed and the occupants killed. That might be a Bug, Will see what I can do about it.

Enjoy your battle and take care of the choppers and planes. BTW, I had forgotten they were in the fight. I will have to be cautious.


Smoke spirals paving the way of the Syrian armor thrust

CM Shock Force 2017-06-03 15-40-12-87.jpg

Hassan village Marines positions. Infantry attacks done against the right elements. Armor attack moved along the left elements position on their way to the Nira Dam and bridgeCM Shock Force 2017-06-03 14-39-30-67.jpg

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I remember that the SMAW's were useless at destroying the bunkers.  I wasted 3 or 4 and missed them when the Red forces attacked as they were much more useful vs vehicles, and without em the US paras took heavy casualties - even tho' they were successful in stopping the attack. 

A well-designed scenario and entertaining to play.  I very much enjoyed the mix of NATO units that "Helluva Road Opening" (loved the small German contingent and the way the US had to support the ANA) and "A Helluva Take Over" featured.  Hope you do more for CMSF and CMA with a similar mix of nationalities.

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