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I noticed something in my first 4.0 FI game that looks like a bug. It might have been present pre 4.0 but I haven't come across it. The jist of it is that a diagonal street (here "paved 2") with modular buildings in direct contact with it on both sides, will either 1) cause tank movement orders to be cancelled or 2) the tank will re-rout its path if possible.

Note that no "no go" icon is revealed and waypoints are plotted as usual. Preliminary tests show that it is enough with a couple of modular buildings on either side to cause this. The straight road (note the gaps) works perfectly fine. Preliminary tests also show that independent buildings in the same diagonal row does not cause the problem. Also preliminary tests in FB showed the same problem there.


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9 minutes ago, Sgt.Squarehead said:

It looks to me like every tile has a building in it, I suspect that may be the root of the problem.

Yes, that is my theory as well, but look in the lower right corner, those are independent buildings and it works with them. Maybe the engine/pathfinding treats modular buildings differently? Has it alway been this way? I noticed it in "TWC First Contact".

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TBH I hadn't encountered the exact issue you described, but I have discovered that the AI finds it impossible to route vehicles through the side-streets on my Mosul urban map (these are made up of two half tiles, each with either a tall wall or a building in them).  The player's units can route down these side-streets with care, but I just can't get AI vehicles to do it at all.

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