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BF, please give us shoot-and-scoop command.

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I'd have expected the Strv.103 to be in the 'CM:Nordic Storm' expansion pack for 'CM:Fulda Gap', a game BFC will no doubt release right after 'CM:Crescent of Chaos' (or CM:SFII as it is currently known).

Pretty please.....With sugar on top!  :P

PS - But 'Shoot & Scoot' would be a cool feature in the mean time.  ;)

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14 minutes ago, Marwek77 aka Red Reporter said:

What will be the reason to buy CM: SF II? I have CM:SF with all modules - now i have to buy them all again???

To get the cm4.0 engine. You don't ever have to buy anything, but moving CMSF to cm 4 is a huge undertaking. It isn't going to happen on the cheap.  Personally it is at the top of my to buy list, but I can understand why others might not be so inclined. As to how BF plans on doing it none of us really know.  Until we hear something concrete from BF I wouldn't assume anything. 

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That move need to be a thing in the future. It would help at team and tank a lot. Seeing private Potato who just missed the tiger with its bazooka looking at the tiger turning its turret and after that becoming private mashed potatoes can be frustating some time!


A move after hunt would be welcome also but i will create a topic for that! 

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