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Tracer mod request

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I upgraded to engine 4 and purchased the CMBS battle pack 1 but now the tracer mod I have been using in the past no longer works. I LOVED that tracer mod, from memory I think it was from Veins CMBS Effects mod.

I'm begging can someone please create a new tracer mod compatible with engine 4 if they can find some free time.


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I had no problems with the green ones anymore since Veins tracers are much smaller.

If you want a different colour, have you tried to simply copy the files of your chosen colour and rename them according to the colour you don't like. E.g. if you want to make all green tracers red: copy the red tracers and give those copied files the names of the green tracers and delete the original green tracers. (Mind you I have not done it myself, but I think it might work...)

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BUMP Anyone have Vein's updated tracer file?  The link is dead.

PS I had wondered if I could get the game to do tracers on a more realistic ratio by using the same system of numbering that some sounds have in the game, where you can have multiple variations of a sound numbered sequentially and the game will use them (randomly or in sequence I don't know) all.  Haven't got it to work yet!

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