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Help - flavour objects

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I'm not sure if it was a dream or not but I would advise against doing it. Flavour objects are meant to be small. The way the game works they provide cover but not concealment.

What that means is that your men will get some protection from bullets behind the T55 flavour object but they will not be hidden by it. That will feel wrong. It will feel even worse when the flavour object disappears after a few HE rounds strike it.

Most flavour objects are small posts, park benches. They are pushing it a bit with the dumpsters and concrete barriers that are in CMBS but probably one of those by themselves will not be a problem but a whole series of them could feel wrong.

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if you want Red wrecks to be visible to Blue you can switch play-mode in the editor from red v blue to red v red then purchase vehicle status 'destroyed' red armor for Blue. Then switch back to red v blue again to continue scenario building. You then place the wrecks around the map as eye candy. Blue side will see them, red side will only know they're there as they spot them.

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