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Leading "Green" Soldiers in Battle

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I guess all of us went through scenarios and battles with some "green" or anotherwords poorly trained soldiers. 

At first it can feel as highly uncomfortable thing: your soldiers are low on moral, they are poorly trained, they get into panic fast and they are dying fast. 

Yet it is still possible to win, and the core principal of any fight is that it is always possible to win. 

For you guys using "Green" trained soldiers it is important to understand that distance is your friend. 

Green soldiers are dying fast when it comes to close combat, their reaction time is low and they getting chopped pretty quick. 

Yet, if you will maintain the distance their effectivity will rise dramatically. 

As usual I will say that spliting teams is important for collecting information. When you have poorly trained forces it is important for you to spot your enemy as quickly as possible. 

Most of the time when it comes to "Green" you will have a decent number of soldiers under your control. So the amount of firepower will be decent as well. Soldiers will not be accurate, they will not hit the target right away but if you will go a little crazy on a micro control level their actions will make more sense. 

Achiving fire superiority is crucial. When you have Green soldiers under your command remember that your mobility should be decreased meaning that you move in larger numbers, and your path should be shorter than usual. That will lead to time consumption, but when it comes to die fast or win slowly - let it be win slowly. 

When you collected all possible info on your enemy and some of your elements got some vision on your enemy you are in the game. The standard approach in this case will be: look for a comfortable firing position (good observation/good cover), place your soldiers not that far from it (during the pause between turns give them order to take it and check if they will be able to fire from that position in enemy's direction), dont place your soldiers on that position right away but them prepare to take it, in a meanwhile use scouts to understand where is your enemy is, then order your main forces to take position what was prepared before (if needed adjust your orders accordingly), after your main forces are in position split them into smaller teams, order some elements to open fire through "target" button into enemy direction (that will trigger your enemy it will start to react: move/shoot back/etc), when enemy will react it will become visible to the rest of your forces, make sure that you always engage in larger number (example: having "Green soldiers" under your command you should attack enemy squad with at least two squads of your own), while main shooting is going on - use your scouts to gather some more information (dont be shy to make some ambushes (for example: you know that your enemy is in the forest and you know that there is a little village or farm or anything what can be used as a possible escape for your enemy. Dont be shy to order some units to keep that possible retreat route under control, and when the moment comes they will finish everything what left from your enemy. P.S. AI is very predictible and ambushing it should not be a problem at all). In case if you are short on time and you need to advance - use following logic: one group of soldiers is constantly shooting, while another group is moving. Your soldiers should make small pushes, avoid pushin on a long distances. If you have armor what can support your infantly - it can do the do as well. General idea here is to destroy as many enemies as possible before getting close to them. If you have "regular" or "veteran" soldiers you are more flexible, you can be agressive, you can go into close combat, you can do some tasty things. But when you have "Green" soldiers, especially if their morale and organization is low, you need to finish your enemy before you get close. Yes you will waste more time, you will waste more ammo, it will not be that epic lol, but you will get the job done. 

While commanding "Green" units you should be more careful than usual, you should think through each of your moves, and you should always think about two things: fire superiority and distance. Constantly suppress your enemy, advance in large numbers, do not go far at one time, keep your forces in cover, keep an eye on your flanks, think when to engage to maximise enemy casualties, think what your enemy can do next and you will find out that it is possible to destroy even "crack" enemy with your "green" men. 

Dangerous places for a "green" commander. 


Usually pushing through forest is a great idea, yet if you push through forest while being in charge of "Green" soldiers that can be fatal. Why? Because green soldiers are bad in close combat and because they are very bad when they are not the ones who shoot first. What would be a solution? The solution would be to use forests which are close to your starting position and then get out of them when getting closer to contact. So when you retreat, or saving your forces from some arty dropping on you - forest might help you a little, yet if you are advancing with green units - that can be super dangerous. If there is no choice and you simply have to advance through forest with Green soldiers, you should follow your intuition. Sometimes when you about to get into contact but you didnt yet and you getting worried a little, it might be a good idea to order some elements to shoot in front of the main group. That can tigger your enemy, he will start shooting back, and you will at least get a sense of direction. Be careful because triggering your enemy in woods can lead to a full scale battle to which you are not prepared yet. But if you have no choice it is always better to shoot first (One day I will write about how to use each element of a squad in a forest, and maybe i will do that with some screen shots so you would get better idea on that). 


City can be dangerous if you advancing and helpfull if you defending. 

Advancing problem here is same as in forest - your forces are green, they are not prepared to heavy firefights in close distance. 

When advancing into a city with green soldiers you should rely on your armor more. Usually I would say that using armor within city is not a good idea, yet when your soldiers are green, you dont really have a choice. Idea is simple - you use your soldiers to find enemy, then you destroy it with armor. Yet on places like crossroads expect casualties. Furthermore AT systems in close spaces like streets are far more deadly then in the open. My adivce here is to avoid entering the city, even if you need to capture it, start lowering it building by buidling and slowly push into the ruins. Try to force your enemies to leave their cover, try to make them move. In order to trigger your enemy try to attack another objective and hopefully your enemy will leave a town to support its forces in a different place. If you have no time and and you need to advance in a city - use your artillery. You should use it massively, and a little hint - use linear arty strikes. Place those markers on the main roads and when delivered they will destroy the street and all near by buildings. If you will use area target - you will simply waste shells. 

Weather, Day time, Soil:

You should avoid leading Green soldiers into the battle at night. But in all other conditions it is possible to be effective. 

Quick Battle Economy

Sometimes when you rely on arty and armor you can save some points on exp for your troops. Yet, I would not advise you to save points on things like: AT teams, Snipers, and heavy weapons. If you want your AT teams to hit targets on 2000+ meters distances - they should be at least "Veterans" but if you want 1 shot one kill - they should be "CRACK" and trust me that will pay off. Once Ive destroyed 4 T90 in a raw (2 turns) with my "Crack" trained Skif operator. With the use of armor and arty that would take way more time and it would be way more difficult. Saving points is important when playing Tiny and Small battles against AI or your firends. I would not reccomend to save on Tanks as well, because well trained tank under good command can change battles up to a company level (and yes a well positioned tank can destroy more than a dozen advancing enemy vehicles).

Conclusion: this entire thing was written simply to share experience, most of the players got their approaches, you are all talanted strategists if you playing these games, yet I've seen some posts where people were saying that it is impossible to stand with Green soldiers against Veterans. So my general point is that - you can stand and win with Green soldiers. 

I hope some of you will benefit from reaing this and feel free to share your approaches and tactics. Thank you for your time reading this, and feel free to contact me. Next Time I will probably write about combat in forest. Good luck comrades! Glory To Ukraine! 



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