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how to know what to name the skins to replace.

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Hi, im currently making a scenario in CMFI where im using the Italian army to represent partisans/resistance troops. I have found a SS skin mod for CMBN for normandy that i want to use but i dont know how to find the name of the base game skins so i can rename them. I have used other mods for CMFI and used the names from those unifroms but it only replaces some and alot of the soldiers are still base game camo. i know how im wording the question is odd but im trying to explain it best i can. how do i get a list of names that i have to name the mod picture to replace the ingame camo? Ill add some images to further my explanation. ZF1gzA2.pngnOoLhVn.pngIf you see only some of the soldiers are getting the camo from the mod so im trying to find out what i have to name the files to replace the men in the standard uniform. any help would be great thanks!

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adding more information and photos
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Yes, Badger's right, Mark.  You will want to Rez-explode all the .brz files in the game folder.  Then you'll have folders like Terrain and Soldiers. The .bmp texture files for uniforms are in there somewhere, and you'll see the naming convention for the uniforms.  Good luck!

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13 hours ago, Erwin said:

Do you happen to know the naming convention when you have multiple graphics options for the same graphic?  eg A variety of helmets or uniforms etc?

I believe it's simply a matter of appending a number at the end of the file's name.

ubersoldat_ubercamo.bmp, ubersoldat_ubercamo2.bmp, ubersoldat_ubercamo3.bmp, etc...

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8 hours ago, Mark_McLeod said:

No idea man sorry


My part of view :

Have making a copy of my CMBN ver 4.(that I can modidied without alterning the original game).
Have loading all "basic brz files"and make a copy from all in case of mistakes I can copy the original one again.

With the Mod tools have "unziped" brz files have making differents folders regarding to the differents modules; 

exemples: Normandy v100A.brz...Normandy v200 Commonwealth.brz...all take lot of places and time on my hd but is necessery to dont destroy the original ones. 

In fact have "sacrified" a full set of brz files for tests and overview.

Have working of uniforms... exemple smod_german_m43_soldier_uniform 4

and have writing the same name of the uniform to see what uniforms wearing the soldiers...and compare late the differents files...

Loading the game and see "who wearing what" was making the same with helmets...and personly mods.

In this way I can see who wear what and how much "same soldier wearing wicht uniform"...have making some notes for further...

I can modified then all what I want without destroy the original one and when my personly mods doesn t work I copy again an original brz or modifield the files myself again.

Hope this is clear enough and could help you...

Sorry for my bad english.

For more infos PM me...

Brz details.JPG

CM Normandy 2017-04-27 14-42-23-36.jpg

CM Normandy 2017-04-27 14-43-31-45.jpg

CM Normandy 2017-04-27 14-46-08-57.jpg

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10 hours ago, Xorg_Xalargsky said:

I believe it's simply a matter of appending a number at the end of the file's name.

ubersoldat_ubercamo.bmp, ubersoldat_ubercamo2.bmp, ubersoldat_ubercamo3.bmp, etc...

Thanks.  This is the info I am looking for. 

So, you are sure that for multiple optional bmp files, you start with <name.bmp> and the next one would be <name2.bmp>? 

So, one should never have a <name2.bmp> or a <name1.bmp>?  ie: Those would not show up in the game.

Also, is there no space between the "name" and the ".bmp"?  So, it is NOT <name 2.bmp> for example?

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