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CMSF Day-Z, mestizo edition

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As is my wont to do, I took a night off from Iraq and tried modding up some Asiatic / mestizo looking faces by mashing up the old CMBN Japan face mods with Mord's Faces of Syria CMSF mod.

As you can see, my core competency is mapping, not modding. They mostly end up look more Horn of Africa than Malay Archipelago -- the CMSF wireframe is very lantern-jawed, not a natural fit for Asiatic features.  The noses are also a mess; they look like zombies with sunburn.  I may just pull some proper Malay faces off the web.  Nothing too fancy, just fit for purpose.


The jungle terrain (mix of overgrown palm grove and wild forest) looks better than expected. I suspect there's still too much LOS though.


I did like this shot though.  I wouldn't care to meet the bloke in the foreground, living or undead.  These guys are supposed to be Abu Sayyaf, so lots to do on their clothing too.


And where do Spies pick up A4s and M16s? (ASG uses almost exclusively the same weapons as the AFP, not Bloc/Norinco arms). Like good zombies, they police up the bodies of some US soldiers and Marines I unkindly colocated with a VBIED at start to ensure they play no further role in the proceedings.  Every now and then one actually survives though.....





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