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CMBS - New player LFG


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I am a new player not only to CMBS (which I bought a few days ago), but also to the Combat Mission series. I want to try some PBEM battle with a real opponent.

Since I am the new guy, I will set this battle:

  • meeting engagement
  • battle size: small (~5500pts, rarity: standard)
  • length: 1 hour (60 turns)
  • map: automatically selected, size: medium, environment: hills, day, light rain, damp ground, preview allowed
  • combat force: mix on both sides (no restrictions, human purchase for both)
  • EW strength: none for both
  • Force adjustment: +10% for me :D
  • I willl play Russia, opponent can choose from USA or UKR
  • skill level: warrior

If anybody is interested, drop me a PM with your email.

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I'm in central europe, so that makes several turns a day.. difficult :) (but anyway I have time enough, just in my time)

Don't have a dropbox account (I could always make one if thats necessary), but have gdrive.

Also I read about some helpers, never tried one of those, don't know if that is required to be installed by both sides to take advantage of it? For now I think I am fine without one.

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