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I've been reading, again, Blumenson's Breakout and Pursuit.  Along with this, I've been doing some other research and located a trove of aar's in the Ike Skelton Combined Arms Research Library Digital Library.


What I'm having difficulty (sp: l a z i n e s s, :rolleyes:) with is converting map coordinates in the aar's into lats & longs so I can find a "real" location.  I've found a site explaining the "British Modified System", but that system uses coordinates such as "vZ3383", meaning (as best as I can tell) Map Section vZ, 33 kM East/83 kM North.  The US aar's use coordinates similar to, say, "565-068".   Does anyone here have a link that will point me in the right direction.  I'm a land surveyor IRL, so I do understand coordinates, projections and the sort.


Thanks in advance,  Rake


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Hi Rake,

while creating some map stuff for my own enjoyment I frequently come across coordinates in british unit accounts. All you need for locating them is a contemporary map. I´ve put together the rough process here:


Link to british library which holds the maps is within the page above.


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