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Vet / Crack Tank Crews

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Not sure if anyone also notices but, veteran or crack tankers show signs of aiming for weak points in the armor or exploits in the tank itself when engaging? There has been instances on normandy and blitzkrieg where I have noticed this happening.


Also then, Is it true green / combat training tankers just aim and hope to even hit the target?

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Not sure, but I only play with Green Vehicles/Troops, and give different Soft Factors to represent if Green, Reg or Vet, etc in RL...I still hit pretty frequent with Green Tanks w/0 Motivation & 0 Leadership, unless moving or long range (If I miss the first turn, I surely hit consistant in 2nd turn).


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Looks like they do not look for weak points based on experience level

ran a  single test 3 times, sherman III elite vs panther regular.

Test 1

Sherman turret mg gunner tried to hit panther commander before firing it's main cannon. :D result Sherman hit by panther = destroyed

Test 2

Sherman 3 destroyed by Panther 1 shot

Test 3

Sherman 3 destroyed by Panther 2 shots even after being destroyed the first hit

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To elaborate a little on your first post;

Also, what you are seeing is the Vets point of Aim is a little tighter (not widespread like Green Troops), and thus causing hit locations having a tighter grouping...This gives the allusion that the Game Engine is having Vets look for Weak-Points (not that they didn't at short range in RL). 


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