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Juicy military Tumblr sites

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Lest I forget these great Tumblrs, I decided to put them all in one place.  Beware, some of these are gigantic, but treasures abound. the first two are primarily armor, but both have quite a few aircraft pics and some naval coverage. Guarantee you'll see things you've never seen before. bmashina, interestingly enough, is a Tumblr by a young Russian woman. Presumably, her handle is short for the Russian term for "armored machine" or AFV.




John Kettler


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Continuing the list...

Military Armament  

This Tumblr covers weaponry, generally shown with the users and in action of one sort or another, from many parts of the world. The pictures are good size, clear and expandable. Even better, there are captions! 



It's about the experience and horrors of war, what it's like for returning veterans, pathos, optimism, humor and much more. This Tumblr is by a 21 y.o. woman who served in Iraq. Among other things, she talks to people thinking about joining to inform them what it's like joining the military and serving. Photos galore.  One is an arresting shot taken in Iraq, I believe, of a standing soldier who's just thrown an M26, and it's not far at all from him. The other guys are hunkered down at the base of the wall, which is taller than the thrower's head.


Military and Aviation. This guy's all about engineering for air, land and sea. Primary focus is (oh so well executed) military, covering all sorts of periods and from all over the globe. Tons of photos, paintings, drawings and renderings I've never seen before and on a diverse range of topics. It's pushing 5K pages!



John Kettler



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