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New CMBS Scenario Korsun 2017

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Posted a new scenario.  V2.00 Game Engine 4

Huge map, H2H or RED vs AI only, before daybreak on the 6th June.

RED attack to seize road and rail bridges over the River Ros, using the Forward Security Element and Advanced Guard of the 2nd Tamanskya Motor Rifle Divsion.

Multi Company engagement. Map 3.5km x 3.5km.

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If I may, I have one comment relating to the OOB

I would have integrated the Forward Observer Sections and the Air Controllers in the recon battalion. Beause, the way they are now as independent formations, they dont pass down information on what they observe on the battlefield

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I am enjoying this mission a lot despite being very difficult. A couple of further points:

For an operation like this with such a larg map to cover with a lot of suspected enemy positions, it would be reasonable to have all air assets, artillery and surveillance UAVs from the beginning. They way they arrive now does not make very easy to open approprirate avenues of approach

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appreciate you sticking with it and your feedback. 

There are multiple Blue AI plans so it should have some replay value if you have the energy, patience and the time!

The AI always seems to take a bit of flak on the forums so I was conscious of making it a tough challenge, not easy to get the balance right

hopefully mission difficult rather than mission impossible


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TheForger! I am really enjoying this scenario. Cut the map right down the center... and attempting to get my armor across now. I really like the "Close with and destroy the enemy with firepower and maneuver!" Recon elements are essential in this one. Only about 45 minutes into it.... but, I like it... I like it a lot. 

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