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Strange behavior with LOS


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Notice this strange issue several time while playing "Lock Shields" from the Taskforce Spartan Resolve campaign.

i am playing real time.    I have notice quite a number of times now, when I load from a game save, LOS (using Target) shows as invalid for 10 to 15 seconds once the game loads and the game is unpaused and then returns to normal.

Noticed this and tested it further.  I moved a vehicle 50 metres away from two vehicles and a infantry squad. There is some brush and trees in the area.  The two vehicles and the infantry squad have a valid LOS on the target vehicle.  I saved my game and quit.  I loaded the game save and unpaused.  I used Target to check the LOS from the each vehicle and the squad to the nearby vehicle.  It showed the LOS as blocked from each.  Around 10 to 15 seconds of game time later, the LOS showed a valid LOS from each,  None of the vehicles or the squad moved in that 10 to 15 seconds.

Not sure what is happening here.   This is the first I noticed this issue and I haven't done another scenario to do more testing.  But the issue is consistent enough I can recreate, at least in the area of the map where I first noticed the problem.  I am going to check other locations in that scenario to see if the noted behavior is there.  But I am posting this to see if anyone else has experienced this.

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