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Any word on long term plans for full battle replay or multiplayer (more than 2) WeGo?


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The title says it all?.

Those two are for sure very complex features. So the question is for long term... and aimed to the playerbase opinion.

To be able to save all the game replays and share it in a whole battle replay allowing to move the camera into the full battle, was a good feature that maybe had no sense in the past due to the constrains on file size and network bandwith of the past years... but for the standars of 2017 and comming years that's not true anymore. There is no problem with very big file storage nor with network bandwidth availability world wide.

Also, more than 2 players in a single multiplayer battle, it's a very appealing feature (from my point of view), with much less computer computation power and network bandwidth constraints as the time goes forward... 2 vs 2 or even 4 vs 4 battles with WeGo reporting to central server storage (for single master client side computation), or any kind of central game turn battle repository (with server side merge and computation of the turn), it's feasible technologically and the cost of it goes down each year.

The question is...

Are those two features, a big player magnet?. Or... it's not popular enought to invest any time in their development?.

How many of you, will really play the game more, if those features were available on this game in the long term?. It's a niche withing a niche?. Or a bigger and strongest multiplayer enrichment, will encourage some fresh air, thus increasing the vitality of online matches?.

I think specifically on the "SPARE" player feature, if on a 4 vs 4 player running game, a player or two leaves... any other player of their side can take control of those troops, being less dramatical than in the 1 vs 1 player match when one player leaves.

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5 hours ago, AstroCat said:

Turn replay would be great... I never really understood why the game couldn't save each turn replay and then just play them back in a row. It seems like the game does it anyway as you play it. You can save each replay and then load them up already.

I agree... would be great to combine all in just one single file. It's not that big for the current storage standards, nor for the network to download it, even from an online repository.

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