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Upgrade to V4.0 and retain previous version

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I have the latest version of RT installed and would like to upgrade to V4.0 now.

However, for the time being, I would like to keep the old version, too.

Now, that is easy e.g. for BN. Just copy the old folder with a new name to a new place.

But how does it work for RT? There is the separate folder with the User Data and the Game Files in the Documents folder.

But: Since "Documents" was on my small main drive, I copied or mirrored or whatever the folder to my larger secondary HDD.

Now my question: What do I need to copy where, in order to preserve the old version?

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11 hours ago, sburke said:

 It works just fine. I am running v3 and v4 on all CM families. You just can't see v4 game saves in cm3. 

Hi there,

Yes, I know since I have BN running as V3 and V4.

For BN, I just copied the one game folder to a new place and re-named it to preserve a working V3.

My question was about the TWO folders which we have for RT. Especially the one in "Documents". What do I do with that one? Just make a copy in "Documents" and re-name, too?

Eh, can you send me a screen shot of your V3/V4 folder structure?

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Yep, that is the down side of the new game files structure under my documents. It messes up hotkeys for the older version (do not edit hot keys with the older version) and means you have to be careful what version you are running when you open a game. The newer game will always be able to open the older games saves. Sometimes the older game will allow you to open the newer games saves - that never ends well so be careful.

On the upside you can share mods without duplicating them. If you have a mod that is version specific make sure you delete it from the shared location. You can still use it if you want because you can install mods in the game install directory: C:\Programs\Battlefront\CMRT200\Data\z.  Just make sure you have a z'ed folder under the Data folder.

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