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Any news about CMFI 4.0 release

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10 hours ago, Thewood1 said:

I wouldn't say I worried about BFC staff, but as I stated, I consider it when wondering about new product releases and whether to consider the accuracy of previous statements made under different staff conditions. 

Obviously any reduction in staff will lead to a redistribution of work load and resulting slowdown in production. Which I guess was your point. Cést la guerre.


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Plenty of news here.   Mord.

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On 5/1/2017 at 3:05 PM, Battlefront.com said:

Supply units was an oversight as I had simply moved the US, Commonwealth, and German ones over from CMBN.  There are no Italian units in Normandy so that explains that!  As for flamethrowers, it was a late decision to include them "for free" and we didn't think we had enough time to make the model and textures necessary for the Italian one.  Turns out we did, but that's hindsight for you!  I would like to get that added in as a "freebie" for Rome to Victory, also accessible to people with the Base Game.


Just bumping this up to remind Battlefront about those supply units and flamethrowes!

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