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Hi MajorH,

Bought version 0 back in '94 from dear old Arsenal (glad I didn't pony up for shares in Road to Moscow). A buddy and I played TacOps to death via email through the AH version in the late 90s. Did AH/Hasbro ever give you any trouble over the name?

v4.0 is downloading as I write, and I'm looking forward to revisiting some of the old favorites and getting my a$$ kicked by the new scenarios as well. Thanks again for a great game!

Tom C.

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Sorry for the late reply.

TacOps runs fine inside MacOS if you have the Wine "emulator" (technically it is not an emulator, it is an API translation layer, but whatever). 

Unfortunately due to a variety of reasons the Wine software does not have prebuilt packages for OSX. You will have to build it yourself. This has been nagging me for years but it is what it is.


It does, however, work. And once you got it working I don't see why you would have to update it since no security problems should arise when just using wine for tacops.

As such, you could ask a computer-savvy friend to do it for you once.  

A pure remote install is annoying. The reason why I cannot provide a one-step fire-and-forget script that does the build is that some requirements are interactive, for example the installation of Xcode. If you wish and there is interest we could explore a hybrid model where you would have to do the Apple-specific interactive nonsense such as installing Xcode, and I provide a script from the earliest point that it can be scripted. P.M. me or reach out on the TacOps mailing list.

Alternatively, if you have a valid license for a Windows license then you could install it in a virtual machine. The VirtualBox virtual machine provided by Sun is pretty slick in both install and usage. You would then run a complete windows desktop inside a window on the Mac. TacOps should work fine in there (VirtualBox has sucky 3D but TacOps doesn't use it).

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Hi, Redwolf, and thanks for your friendly reply. I suppose if I were truly dedicated I could also just buy a copy of Windows and run it in Bootcamp. But I'm afraid that all the available options just sound like too much trouble to me to be worth it. If Major does not feel motivated to produce a Mac-native version, I'll just let it go at that. But thanks for the offer of your help. I think if I were about forty years younger, I would certainly have taken you up on it.



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