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Qarmat Ali 1 PWRR Basra Iraq 05 August 2004

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4 hours ago, MOS:96B2P said:

Very cool.  I googled this unit and fight.  I think the 1st Bn. is armored infantry?  The military artist "David Rowlands" made a painting of the bridge crossing.  Looking forward to this. 

1 PWRR was an Armoured Infantry Battalion at the time so Warrior equipped.  A Mechanised Infantry Battalion would be Bulldog equipped.

As to the David Rowlands picture I had to Google it ... judging by the description (owned by 2 LANCS) and the fact that it shows an action that quite clearly took place at night whereas this one took place just after lunchtime, it is not the same as the one I am portraying.  Good find though ... I may get to reuse the map for another scenario.

If you want to know more, the action is described in Richard Holmes book Dusty Warrior (pages 286-290 refer).

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5 hours ago, Combatintman said:

1 PWRR was an Armoured Infantry Battalion at the time so Warrior equipped.  <Snip>

If you want to know more, the action is described in Richard Holmes book Dusty Warrior (pages 286-290 refer).

The warrior will be a fun vehicle to take out hunting.  Looking forward to that. 

I couldn't find a Kindle addition of the book.  So I would have to buy an old fashion book made with paper, ink etc.....  Just like the 1700s ..... Sigh.  ;)   

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@MOS:96B2P - Dusty Warriors is a good read if that is any consolation.  Richard Holmes was both a very respected military historian as well as the Regimental Colonel of the PWRR.  I used this book for the research for my Op HAMMERSMITH mission a few years back.  I've always wanted to do this particular action but my previous map (created about 4 years ago) wasn't much cop and I didn't really have the scenario skills to pull it off.  However as you can see I have built it all back up from scratch so I just need to get the thing to work which I think is easily doable.  I will add that this is a very small action which I would consider one of those beer and pretzels scenarios that you can just load up and play in a single sitting.  That said my beer and pretzels missions seem to go down pretty well with the community so I'm sure it will hit the spot.

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Ok - so I've just tested this for the first time and it seems to be working a treat.  I will test it a couple of more times and then I just need to sort out the objectives, VPs and write up the orders.

Nothing particularly sophisticated about this mission - really a case of good use of fire and manoeuvre but I think it will be a fun little mission.  Should be ready for upload in a few days.

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Ok - so I think this is pretty much in the can ....

Mission Orders

Situation Enemy Forces

Exact enemy affiliation is unknown but assessed to be Mahdi Army elements who have been reported as attempting to close Main Supply Route (MSR) TOPEKA in the vicinity of (IVO) the Qarmat Ali Bridge from the North bank of the Qarmat Ali River.  Strength and composition are unknown but likely to be small groups of 3-5 fighters equipped with small arms RPGs and possibly IEDs.

Situation Friendly Forces

After finishing lunch on 05 August 2004 at your base location in the Shatt al Arab hotel, 6 Platoon, B Company, 1st Battalion the Princess of Wales’ Royal Regiment (1 PWRR)) which was on duty as the Battlegroup armoured Quick Reaction Force (QRF) was hurriedly summoned to the Operations Room to be briefed on the enemy situation above.  Half of the Platoon (2 and 3 Section) crashed out of the camp immediately.  The remainder of 6 Platoon (Platoon HQ and 1 Section) left 10 minutes later followed by OC B Company 5 minutes after that.  The lead elements of the QRF have now just reached the Qarmat Ali Bridge.  Due to Rules of Engagement (ROE) you cannot use air, artillery or 81mm mortars and apart from the organic elements listed above, you will receive no reinforcement.

Situation Ground and Weather

The ground is a mix of traditional built up area and an industrial/factory complex.  Vital ground is the Qarmat Ali Bridge which carries MSR TOPEKA spanning the Qarmat Ali River and is approximately 250m wide at this point.  Otherwise the ground is open and generally flat.  Buildings offer excellent cover and concealment and good fields of fire over the bridge and MSR.  It is a clear blisteringly hot sunny day with only a gentle W-E breeze.  It is currently 1330 on 05 August 2004.


These are your Quick Battle Orders …
Mission:  6 Platoon is to defeat the enemy IVO the Qarmat Ali Bridge in order to reopen MSR TOPEKA no later than 1430 hrs 05 August 2004.
1. Defeat the insurgents (Destroy 85 Victory Points).
2. Clear Phase Line (PL) ALPHA (Touch 20 Victory Points).
3. Clear PL BRAVO (Touch 30 Victory Points).

Commander's Intent

The lead Multiple (2 and 3 Sections) will move at best tactical speed to the southern approaches of the Qarmat Ali Bridge and will conduct a quick tactical assessment of the situation awaiting the arrival of the second multiple (Platoon HQ and 1 Section) at approximately 1340 hrs and OC B Coy at approximately 1345 hrs.  Once the nature of the enemy threat is established, 6 Platoon will conduct the clearance of the enemy IVO the Qarmat Ali Bridge and RTE TOPEKA up to PL BRAVO.  Key to success will be the use of effective fire and manoeuvre.  Endstate is the enemy cleared from RTE TOPEKA and 6 Platoon ready to recover to the Shatt al Arab Hotel on order at 90% Combat Effectiveness (20 Victory Points).

Basic Plan

Your choice commander but given that the enemy is likely to have set up an ambush on the North bank of the river, it is recommended that you exercise caution initially.  There is no need to conduct detailed clearances of the whole area, you just need to clear identified enemies IVO RTE TOPEKA.

Designer’s notes

There are no spoilers in this description.  This mission is based on a real action which took place at the time and date stated by 6 Platoon, B Company, 1 PWRR during its tour of Iraq in 2004.  The action is described in Richard Holmes’ book Dusty Warriors (pages 286-289).
The design intent for this mission was simply to depict this small action as described and create a quick, simple and fun mission that can be played in a single sitting a ‘beer and pretzels’ scenario if you will.  Therefore I sincerely hope that I have achieved that intent and that you have fun playing it.
Finally, this mission is dedicated to all of those in B Company, 1 PWRR who fought in Iraq in those extremely dangerous and challenging times.

Strategic Map

Qarmat Ali Strat Map.jpg

Operational Map

Qarmat Ali Operational Map.jpg

Tactical Map

Qarmat Ali Tactical Map.jpg

So - I think I've earned myself a pint ...


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17 hours ago, Combatintman said:

Thanks @Bootie a bit fiddly but I think I worked it out - this scenario should be available for download here:



NICE!!!  Thank you for making yet another scenario.  I was wondering how you were going to make a river and bridges with no water or bridges in CMSF.  Brilliant as usual.  The TOC is working on the IPB.  SITREPS to follow.    

Edited by MOS:96B2P
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layed this last night. Overall great scenario – like the small size of the action and the tactical challenge. Map is very well done as is the briefings and accompanying tac maps etc.

Great deal of action in this one, lot of bangs for your buck! If you like lot’s of firefights and swooshing RPGs then this one is for you J

Overall recommend this one if you like small urban mech ops and have not a great deal of time.

SPOILERS (Just highlight the text to read)





Started off slow – kept my guys mounted up in their wagons and moved slowly forward. Made contact immediately after moving, and took some RPG fire. I then thought the buidlings on my left looked “funny” so dismounted a section to secure my flank. Other section (still mounted) took enemy contacts under fire with 30mm and chaingun seeking to supress them. Buildings on left after this increasingly looked “funny” and fearing bad guys sneaking up, moved the other Warrior and its section closer to buildings and dismounted the troops. Started clearing and securing the left flank houses. Meanwhile both Warriors took up positions to engage enemy contacts on other side of river. Both Warriors were engaged by ineffectual and inaccurate RPG fire. Dismounts also engaged enemy contacts on other side of river. Left flank secure. So far so good.

Second multiple arrives in the AO and the boss, seeing a chance to make a name for himself does a “Grabner” over the left hand bridge.

This goes exactly as it went for his opposite number predecessor…

Scratch two Warriors, but luckily on one guy lightly wounded. Now I’m on a rescue op!

The dismounts from this multiple set-up a perimeter and start chucking smoke grenades like there is no tomorrow. Let’s face it if they don’t there most likely isn’t for them…My two surviving Warriors using fire and manoeuvre advance to their help. As they get closer they also pop smoke. As they make contact with the ill-fated multiple on the end of the bridge everyone scrambles to mount up and the whole lot hightail it out of dodge. Luckily none of the warriors takes a hit although there are a lot of RPGs winging about.

Plan B…

Company boss arrives to see what all the fuss is about. Now the Boss of 6 Platoon not wanting to appear a total knobber decides to conduct a dismounted advance (let’s face it he has no choice as his rides are smoking wrecks 300m away…) with the two surviving Warriors providing fire support (one section left to secure these “funny” buildings on my left flank. Still paranoid about bad guys sneaking up!).

Overall this new attack goes well. Lot’s of contacts. Lot’s of RPGs. Lot’s of return fire and slowly but surely the Boss of 6 Platoon gets to his high point. Here things stall as there are lot’s of bad guys, who appear to be pretty pissed off firing lot’s of RPGs and AKs. Two guys are hit and wounded and require medical help and evac.

Slowly the Warriors move up and engage enemy contacts. One section makes it into the buildings on the far left bank and sets up a very effective base of fire. Around this point the two Warriors are now about level with their KO’d brothers. PL ALPHA is secured.

As the Boss of 6 Platoon and his team sprint across the exposed bridge ramp. A RPG explodes against one of the fire support Warriors. The Boss of 6 Platoon goes down hit by splinters. The Warrior is unscathed.

The company Boss moves in to assume command, whilst an evac is arranged for the downed Boss of 6 Platoon. Despite this set-back the attack is pressed on. Two sections start to clear the buildings on the left flank across the bridge whilst the warriors engage anything firing back. Up until now I’d no idea what effect all the firing by my guys was having. It was not until my squaddies started clearing houses that they came across enemy dead. I have several guys badly wounded and two KIA in this phase – all to close range fire from enemy fighters.

However, the enemy fire slackens somewhat and embolded by this my guys push forward a bit too fast and one multiple are ambushed by enemy fighters. One guy is killed the other two badly wounded. A Warrior engages the ambushers killing all three. Whilst a medic team rush forward to provide medical help and evac. However at this point there is little or no effective fire from the enemy. My two warriors (supported by the OC’s command warrior) push forward and secure PL BRAVO. At this point I’m just into extra time. There is no incoming enemy fire and no contacts. I play another few turns, no change so hit ceasefire.

I got a draw. Two Warriors KO’d; three men KIA; 7 WIA. I’l admit to playing a bit too aggressively and paid the prices (well, my pixel guys did…). Bet the real chaps are glad I was not in command in the RL event…








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