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The CMx1 series (CMBO, CMBB and CMAK) do NOT support widescreen resolutions. Typically the resolutions that they support (with some exceptions) are about 4:3, standard aspect ratio. 'Stretching' the screen to have the game fill out the entire screen can possibly be done by the video drivers (there are often ways of doing this especially with Nvidia drivers). However this will result in items that have a 'stretched'/distorted appearance (not their normal aspect ratio). With your display I would assume that CMAK is actually running at 1024x768 and the drivers and display circuitry display this at the standard aspect ratio (pixel for pixel) on the screen. Some displays will 'stretch' non-native resolutions to fit the screen, but as I said this results in stretched items on the display since this is not 'pixel for pixel'. Instead certain pixels are being doubled/duplicated at some point in order to stretch the 1024 horizontal resolution out to 1366.

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