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Theatre of Operations AAR: The battle of St. Andre de l’Epine

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On 2/6/2017 at 5:50 AM, IanL said:

<Snip> Spoiler: closer inspection from my god’s eye view shows some troops are not going to be able to run fast enough. <Snip>

:lol:  Well it will, at least, be a training opportunity for the medics and/or graves & registration.  :) ;)

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Minute 3:33-3:32:

The engineers do their work and E Co can now begin to move left into the next field.



Meanwhile F Co suffers more casualties. The next mortar round is true landing right along the road they are crossing causing four casualties.




Minute 3:32: Orders

Now that a couple of squads are through the new breach it’s time to send in a tank too.




F Co has their supporting tanks apply some HE to the mortar’s postion.




And more to the other contacts on their left flank.


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Minute 3:32-3:31:

E Co comes under renewed fire from beyond the road block. They loose another three men.


A tank supporting F Co finds the sweet spot.


Minute 3:31: Orders

The lead platoon of E Co is still near the road block but the following platoon is now leading the move to the left.




F Co continues to fire on the mortar position and all along the opposite side of the field but also are moving up to deal with the contact on their left flank.


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Minute 3:31-3:30:

More of E Co heads into the field next to the road.


The enemy mortar team continues to take a pounding while members of F Co consider their moment to start across the field.



Minute 3:30: Orders

E Co’s tank support moves left into the field.




G Co moves up from the rear so they can be close enough to react if needed.




The first members of F Co enter the field. There are two tanks and several squads firing at the hedge row on the far side. Hopefully that keeps the enemy’s heads down.


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Minute 3:30-3:29:

E Co’s lead elements are getting close to the opposite hedge row. Still not sign of the enemy.


F Co starts out across the field hugging the left side while the tanks and MGs sweep the opposite end with fire.




Quietly behind the forward elements medics arrive to tend to the wounded from 2nd platoon F Co. In game terms it is members of their own squad that had run back in panic after being ambushed. 2nd platoon is in pretty bad shape with several casualties and one squad broken. They are done heaving lifting in this battle and will get to hang back after they clear up a little last resistance.




Minute 3:29: Orders

E Co has a platoon and two tanks already in the next field over. Now come some heavy weapons and more tanks.




F Co get some serious help with the rest of the platoon of tanks taking up positions to support them.




2nd platoon F Co has one more enemy contact they need to deal with.


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Minute 3:29-3:28:

Members of E Co hustle as they cover the final distance to the next hedge row.


More of F Co heading into their next field while their tank support does its job.



2nd Platoon F Co carefully work to flank their last known contact on the left flank.




Minute 3:28: Orders

Now that E Co controls the whole field it is time to send two scouts to the barn to see if there are any enemy soldiers there.




Members of F Co leap frog along the left edge of the field paying close attention to where the hedge rows of neighbouring fields intersect.


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  E Company sending two scouts to the bar, eh?  Hope they aren't overly thirsty.  :o

  Really enjoying your presentation.  I, too, enjoy seeing your movement commands.  You use Fast a lot more than I do.  I probably should as well, but I hate to tire the men when Quick usually works.

  Too bad about F Co. 2nd platoon.  I've had to use survivors for just that purpose - buddy aid as the rest of the troops move forward.


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59 minutes ago, Heinrich505 said:

E Company sending two scouts to the bar, eh?  Hope they aren't overly thirsty.  :o

They with it is a bar. That should have been barn - fixed, thank you. Perhaps they will be lucky and find a stash of wine hidden by the farmer.


  Really enjoying your presentation.  I, too, enjoy seeing your movement commands.  You use Fast a lot more than I do.  I probably should as well, but I hate to tire the men when Quick usually works.

Oh no, those quick moves are for the tanks. I use quick the vast majority of the time with infantry. Quick with pauses for long moves. If a squad gets to tiring I start thinking about where I'll let them rest. I only use fast to evade trouble or get help in place fast. That's about it.


  Too bad about F Co. 2nd platoon.  I've had to use survivors for just that purpose - buddy aid as the rest of the troops move forward.

Yep, they are the rear guard now.

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@snare for clarification, the game is called Theater of Operations. You can read more about it on a post in this forum.
http://community.battlefront.com/topic/109632-operational-level-game-announcement/ This CM scenario is part of an early manual beta test of TOO. So we are far along in terms of game design, mechanics, and algorithms. HOWEVER in terms of computer development (i.e. coding) we are NOT very far along. In short we need to develop interest and gain exposure because we need to find a funding source to create this game. We have the technical expertise, but this is a large complex project that requires a massive amount of time. So we need funding to dedicate our programmers full-time, otherwise development probably will never be completed. We are attempting to gain in exposure in a number of ways, that I won't talk about now. We have lots of information and updates on our forum located at http://dogsofwarvu.com/forum/index.php/board,36.0.html, and we are always looking for feedback and volunteers with the proper skill sets! :D

@IanL this is great my friend! I am looking forward to seeing more!

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Minute 3:28-3:27:

The lead elements of the move to the left of the road block finds some enemy repositioning near the farm. They take deadly aim.


F Co continues their advance long the edge of the field while being supported by a whole lot of MG fire.




Minute 3:27: Orders

E Co’s new point platoon (3rd Platoon) is taking up positions near the farm with tanks and engineers moving up in support.




F Co keeps up its forward movement and brings up even more tank support.


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Minute 3:27-3:26:

1st Platoon, the former lead platoon, from E Co is now pulling back from the road block. Members of the recon units will keep the fire up on the enemy contact guarding the road block while the platoon withdraws. Very carefully around the mines.


3rd platoon engage with more contacts near the farm.




F Co works their way across the field.




Minute 3:26: Orders

More members of 3rd platoon move into positions to fire on the two new enemy contacts.




1st Platoon withdrawing back form the road block while 2nd Platoon heads left behind the new leaders.




Behind F Co’s lead platoon members of 2nd Platoon tend to the wounded and regroup. These guys are out of this fight except for flank protection duties.




The advance across the field continues. It will not be long before they encounter resistance – if there is any at the end of this field.




While the advance on the left side of the field is nearly at its goal, 1st Platoon forms up to advance on the right side of the field.


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Minute 3:26-3:25:

The lead elements of E Co come under fire near the farm. This team is tucked into a farm track flanked by bocage.


Here is a higher camera angle showing where they are. The enemy fire is coming from the bocage to the left ahead of their corner.




Meanwhile F Co keeps pressing forward with support. They have not taken enemy fire for a while now.




Minute 3:25: Orders

2nd platoon E Co moves up to bring rifles to bear on the new enemy contacts. One see in the picture and one further to the left off screen.



At the same time 1st platoon continues to withdraw from the road block.




F Co moving forward.


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Minute 3:25-3:24:

1st Platoon walk slowly around the mines before breaking into a jog to form up next to the road.


At the farm to the left of the road two scouts from 2nd Platoon sneak up on the Germans.



Fo Co is moving along both sides of the field now.




Minute 3:24: Orders

More orders for E Co to deal with the enemy contacts including a tank to help dislodge the stubborn enemy in the bocage. The other contact is the position that the scouts are about to surprise.








Further advance on the left flank. The lead elements are about to reach the far bocage. When they do we will see what kind of resistance we meet.


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Yeah those guys got scary close. I actually thought the way I positioned the way point that the would stop between the barn and the shed and be able to shot at them last turn but they decided the didn't want to be out in the open I guess. They seem to be undetected - which is amazing.

One of those great moments. Who know who is there is going to matter big time because that German team is two soldiers and one of them has an MG42. If my guys see them first things should be OK but if the Germans know they are there this could end badly...

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  Ah, yes, the proverbial...wait for it...Cliffhanger!!!  :lol:

  Great stuff.  You can actually feel the tension build as the men run up the hedgerows...more of a when they take fire than an if.

  Would the scouts use the peek around the corner to fire rather than the quick into the open?  I'm still not sure how the shoot around the corner function works, but I've seen it happen sort of by accident.  I was playing a QB against the AI in FB and on his own, a lad with a panzerfaust eased around a corner and put paid to a Sherman that was just barely visible in the snowy brush.

  Enjoying the action.


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Minute 3:24-3:23:

The tank support arrives.


And fire some HE at one of the pesky MG teams.




The scout team stays frozen next to the barn but the suppressive fire from the rest of their platoon fist hits one member of the German team…




And then the other.




F Co nears the end of the field.




Minute 3:23: Orders

More troops moving into the farm.




F Co orders to make it to the next bocage line.


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Minute 3:23-3:22:

The scout team is now in the position where the MG team used to be.


The other MG team finally gets taken out.




Lots of supportive fire as the lead members of F Co make it to the bocage line




Minute 3:22: Orders

More of E Co moves up to the farm as the lead element take control of the farm.




More members of F Co take up positions on the bocage line.


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Minute 3:22-3:21:

Disaster strikes. Artillery falls just behind the lead troops and lands right on top of the engineers and the following platoon.



No artillery land on the men at the farm, thankfully.




Over on the left flank F Co finds the enemy…




Minute 3:21: Orders

For E Co the orders are simple – get away from the artillery fast.




For F Co lots of area fire to suppress the spotted enemy and then move to flank them.




Meanwhile the advance continues on the other side of the field.


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Minute 3:21-3:20:

The artillery keeps raining down and causing casualties.



Shells even start landing on the farm, disabling one Sherman.




Grenades do the job for F Co. You can see where the mortar team used to be as well.




Minute 3:20: Orders

E Co still has men that need to get away from the artillery.




It seems the farm is not safe either and the lead elements need to run further forward.




F Co brings up a tank for more support.


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