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4 hours ago, chaos49 said:

I had a small problem with a At gun, is there a fix for it ?  <Snip>

Hey chaos!  Can you describe the problem?  I'm kind of just guessing looking at the screenshot.  I see the ATG is limbered.  Hit the Deploy button if you want it to set up to shoot.  After you hit Deploy it will take longer than one turn to set up.  About 140 seconds IIRC. 

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nah, I think I see whats wrong. the ATG is not hitched to the back of the halftrack despite the crew being seated in it. and the gun is not abandoned either. i have seen this bug before  as well, usually with the early 1943 US armored infantry platoons.


and I have no clue what causes it.

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On 12/28/2016 at 7:14 AM, Andrew Kulin said:

I have the same problem in a game I am playing.  Three of these came in as reinforcements on half-tracks.  No sign of an AT gun.  Crews are dismounted now, gun shows limbered, but no gun visible anywhere.

Please tell me you have a save

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