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Scenario/Campaign contribution?

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I can only begin to understand the work creating a scenario - let alone a campaign - must entail.

I must have every fan created scenario and campaign released for CMSF through to CMFB. I can only pay a very poor thank you to these creators from this forum every once in a while. Poor pay back for the thousands of hours of fun and challenge I've got in return.

Battlefront have created products that I've loved since CMBO. The fans who mod and build scenarios and campaigns for these games prolong and improve each offering immensely.

I'm very happy to pay for additional scenario and campaign content from Battlefront. I'd be willing to pay for fan created content as well. Not a big ask considering the work that goes into such creations.

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4 minutes ago, Erwin said:


If you want to know why hardly any volunteers have the energy or patience to design scenarios, let alone a whole campaign, take a look at Combatintman's xnt tutorial on how to create a scenario:

I just love it how Combatintman quotes me in this post :) Damn... RL stole a lot of my time these past weeks. But i gotta report to duty and kick some *55


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Having created a few scenarios I will add my 2 cents here.

I enjoy creating, testing and ultimately sharing and playing my scenarios, almost all of which are H2H. But other then a couple of friends I use for play testing and bouncing ideas off, I have gotten about ZERO response from anyone else. I have uploaded scenarios in CMBN, CBFI and now CBFB and can count on half of one hand the number of comments I have received. And if people are worried about offending an authors work, they shouldn't be. Good, bad or indifferent, all comments are appreciated. 

This could be a reason why see very few people uploading their scenarios.




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9 hours ago, rooibos said:

probably having a community the size of my mother's bridge club doesn't help

There's a time issue with many players who use community created scenarios and campaigns. I'll download a scenario or campaign as soon as I see it mentioned in these forums.

It could take me months or even years to actually play the scenario - by the time I do play it I mightn't even realise it is fan created. I get to play six hours a week so might do a scenario a week. I'm playing CMRT at the moment - if I grab a CMFB scenario it might be next Christmas before it gets a run through.

For some reason though these forums and the additional content sites seem very quiet for what is a very successful and long lived game franchise.

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@weapon2010  I think you really answered your own question. :D  Everyone has limited time to play the game and to delve off into the editor or do a mod takes even more time. 

Of the hundred attempts to make a scenario/mod, how many make it to daylight? Less than 5 probably. 

Please go back to one of your scenario projects and spend some time to try to polish it up a tad and upload it.

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