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I Have No Idea What to Buy

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On 11/19/2016 at 3:16 PM, macjimm said:

Hope you managed to sort this out.  Battlefront has a wonderful support department.  I've found that they are very helpful, prompt and intelligent.  I'm happy to spend money to a company that stands behind what they sell.  I've never had any issues giving them my money but I suspect they would offer the same outstanding service I've experienced post purchase.

'm interested in this thread.  The feedback may guide the decision on my next purchase.


The inability to purchase got sorted out. I was getting a PayPal error even though I was purchasing with a credit card.

I ended up purchasing the Commonwealth & Market Garden bundle and the 3.0 upgrade.

FWIW, I wish CM was on Steam or somewhere else to get exposure. Maybe wargames like CM just aren't popular enough to matter. Though a game like EUIV manages to have a large audience and it's pretty detailed. Also, too many forums. Should just lump all of CM2 WWII discussion in the same location.

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I'm a first time poster, having re-discovered Combat Mission since I played the original CMBO demo... when it first released.  I was looking at some WWII videos on Youtube the other night and came across a Final Blitzkrieg video, which caught my eye and reminded me about CMBO. When I researched what Battlefront had been up to, I was excited to give their latest games a try (and ended up buying the complete Battle for Normandy package with Battle Pack 1.)

I know some developers choose not to publish through Steam for various reasons, but I do agree that Battlefront could certainly do with some more exposure! After I checked out their games, I did some more research on any other similar hyper-detailed tactical level turn based strategy within the WWII setting, and after hours and hours, Combat Mission and Graviteam Tactics were really the only product I could find that covers that niche - and CM is the only one covering Allied combat forces, in conflicts that have more popular familiarity (i.e. the average strategy gamer.)

My point is, I think people would sit up and take notice of this amazing little gem of a strategy/wargaming series.

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Welcome aboard!

The CMBO Demo was your gateway drug, but when you really got into your addiction, you bought practically enough to go into business? Well done! Little do you know there's no Twelve-Step Program for your now raging CM habit. Your insights on the high resolution tactical sim situation are most valuable. Absolutely concur with your conclusions.


John Kettler

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On ‎11‎/‎26‎/‎2016 at 10:27 AM, Kuderian said:

+1 Erwin (and I suspect BFC have a similar disposition).

But on the other hand, if the Grim Reaper has us highlighted in his manifest with fluorescent yellow marker, who is going to buy  these games in the future?

These days, technologically backward applies to most people over about 40 these days...  :(   Just look at how these new products are marketed on TV - all the actors are millenials.  Hands up all those who would line up all night to buy a $700 new version of the iPhone that is about the same as the last version?  Where do the kids get the money... from their parents?

(And then people bitch about paying $45 for a CM2 title that will give thousands of man-hours of play and NOT get obsolete for many years...)

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