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Conversion of satellite/aerial terrain data into playable CMBS maps

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Not directly.  Maps can only be manually made in the map editor.

What you can do is use the map editor overlay to get a picture of a satellite or topographic map on top of your map so you can paint the map following the features of the overlay map.  Look at "Map Overlay" pp 86 of CM Engine Manual v3.01.pdf.  Check this out for tips on using Google Earth to create a overlays for using in this manor:


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Here is one resource I use: https://opentopomap.org/#map=15/50.39732/30.79584

Zoom in and you'll get topographical lines with elevation height. Take screenshot or many and stich them together in Photoshop. Use as overly and match direct elevation setting along the topograhical line, every 7-8 action points. Usually produces good results to start with at least.

And by the way - welcome to the board @Lee Vincent :)

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