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The main thing that attracted me to this game was the turn-based hybrid and the realism. However, I've noticed some suspect things. Like yesterday, a Churchill VII tank, BUTTONED UP, suddenly turned 90 degrees and started firing on my Panzerschrek team which was hiding in a swamp 140 meters away. How the heck could he see them? I saw no infantry around.

Then, I was excited to get a Tiger and use it, but in both scenarios I played with one, it was defeated by enemy forces without even inflicting one casualty. The second time, my tiger was waiting for a freakin' Sherman to come through the woods. Three of my shots bounced off his front turret from about 50 meters away and his second shot knocked me out. I had a vetran crew, too.

Is this just bad luck or bad tactics or bad realism?

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Bad luck, with a touch of bad tactics in the second case. The Tiger's strength is its armor and hard hitting gun, which can defeat most any allied tank in CMBO (what you experienced is a very rare fluke). It's one major drawback is the speed of it's turret. You should keep them back in an overwatch position, and leave the 50m ambushes to infantry or light AT guns.

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