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DropTeam - what can you tell me?

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I first came across Battlefront tactical wargames with CMBN several years ago.  DropTeam still showed in the store but has since gone the way of the Dodo bird.  As someone mildly interested in Mil-SF, what did I miss?  Is it gone forever?  Where might I find it today?  If I raise an issue of aggravated controversy, please feel free to close this thread.  Thank you.

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There is an entire Forum devoted to Drop Team. I have never played Drop Team myself, though I was a huge fan of such things as Starship Troopers (not the movie!), Hammer's Slammers and such, so it seemed a natural fit. My recollection is it had all sorts of cool features, but they all were useless to me, since it was PC only. Hope this helps.



John Kettler

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As far as I'm aware Drop Team is gone forever. The server required for multi-player and updates had stopped running for over a year before it was finally decided that it could no longer be sold.

You basically controlled a single vehicle (typically wheeled or tracked with possibly some units capable of hovering). If I recall correctly you could play against the AI or the more entertaining multi-player (hooking up to a server - which you couldn't run yourself). I did a small bit of beta-testing with it and it was fairly fun to play in multi-player. I don't recall there being an editor for maps or units.

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