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CMRT Campaign: Rattenkrieg

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  • 9 months later...

To dragonwynn: I just finished playing through this campaign and thoroughly enjoyed it. A phenomenal amount of work went into creating an extremely entertaining game. I added a few mini-mods of my own such as putting faces (from Juju) into the floating HQ icons.

I have a question: Would it be possible to post somewhere the individual scenario files? I would very much like to fiddle with the individual scenarios to make them H2H playable.

Thank you,

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28 minutes ago, WillemO said:

I tried to u/l to CMMODS today, yesterday and some months/years ago. I found each time that my login was not recognized. I requested to become an author way back then and again, yesterday, but to date have received no answer. Any suggestions?

@Bootie can you help? @Bootie helps as an admin on the site.

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