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I have opened two tickets trying to get help recovering my license for CMSF. Each ticket the support person sends one email then closes it without waiting to see if their bolierplate fix solves anything. Then after a few emails back and forth - they simply stop responding. Is there anyway to reach out to someone that is helpful at the helpdesk? Someone that is recommended to carry through and not just hurry to close a ticket.

My problem is that I was one of the poor sods that pre-ordered the game. Strike two came that I had an AMD64 x2, so that hurt. Still after a few patches it was playable and I enjoyed it.

New machine (2010) later I try to reinstall, but I cannot find my email with the licence key. No problem - open a ticket for help. After a pair of exchanges they close the ticket and me without a solution. Upset, shelve the game and never buy from BF again.

New machine (2016) and I try again as I re-purchased CMBO on GOG and am feeling the itch. I open a new ticket to ask for help. Same pattern - response and close ticket. I engage him in a few emails back and forth then he simply stops responding.

I could really use some help. I pre-ordered the game from Battlefront, I am still at the same address they shipped the game. There is no sticker anywhere on the box or the manual.

So does anyone know of someone that I can reach out to directly that can help me.

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With support you are likely either talking to John (the main support guy), Steve or possibly Chris. That is the entire team. I don't know what to say about tickets being closed early. Typically if you respond to the email that you get, the ticket gets re-opened (at least that was the case in the past). Opening support tickets is probably the quickest way to reach them. Steve might see this thread and possibly respond to it directly, but that might take longer (waiting for him to eventually see this thread, compared to opening a ticket).

When CMSF originally went into pre-order the current store system wasn't setup. So license keys (and the purchases) aren't recorded there like they are for almost all purchases since 2007. License keys are stored in your account in the store if they are 'pre-order', 'download only' or 'download + mail delivery'. 'Mail delivery only' has a sticker on the disc case (and no license key recorded in the account). For the CMSF pre-orders your order will have to be looked up in an off-line database of the orders which also recorded/stored the license keys. Once you get this license key, please WRITE IT DOWN IN MULTIPLE PLACES. You shouldn't need to keep on contacting Battlefront once you get this license key (it doesn't change).

As for CMBO ordered from GOG, I don't know where such license keys are kept (if that was the issue). I assume contacting GOG would get the license key.

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I'm surprised that no one at the Helpdesk responded. Exactly how are you contacting the Helpdesk ? Sending an email out of the blue will NOT work. You need to click on the '+ new ticket' blue button in the upper right of the main support page for the Helpdesk. Any other method does NOT open up a ticket and may bounce around unanswered. If you are doing this, then what is the initial email response from the Helpdesk to your queries ? Are they expecting a response from you ? Are you responding to the email (which should get filed back into the ticket automatically - no need to go back to the Helpdesk page) ?

If necessary you could possibly 'message' Steve directly from the forums (his should be the 'Battlefront.com' user account - right clicking on the name should offer an option to 'message' the account).

What exactly is the issue with CMBO that you purchased from GOG ? Are you having issues with text being unreadable ? Are there strange spots on your 3D display (if you're running an AMD Radeon) ?

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On September 14, 2016 at 6:45 PM, GalacticCmdr said:

I guess after a month I pretty much got the answer I expected - silence. Battlefront is great about taking your money, not so great about supporting their product.

I must strongly disagree with this comment. I have every CM game and module since CMBO to CMFB except Afganistan. I've had a few major problems tha mainly dealt with game registration. In all cases, Support tried to help, but the solutions didn't work. At that point, the next e-mail was from Steve. Steve stayed with my e-mail string until the issue was corrected, including until late on Christmas Eve on one issue. I haven't had that type of experience with any other software ompany with which I've dealt.

Here's a suggestion; reply to the last e-mail, POLITELY, explaining that the issue isn't resolved, and ask why the ticket was closed. Be advised that if you take too long to reply to a response from Support, and they will assume the issue is corrected and close the ticket. 

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