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Sound Files?

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29 minutes ago, Front_Mg42 said:

come on guys, no idea? :(


5 hours ago, Front_Mg42 said:

Hi guys,

I have a lot of sounds and i would like copy in the game.

Anybody can tell me how can I do this?

I see in a another mods file name like gun...wav. How I can figure out for example the Tiger Tank Sound File Name?


Thanks. :)

found nothing sorry :(

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OK no one looked up the great list of all files you can mod post that was up so I went and looked (man the built in searching sucks - I should have started with Google because I found it first try, and first in the list - sigh):

Basically @Offshoot rez exploded all the .brz files and listed all the files names.  Check out the Sounds file list.  A word of warning though the granularity of sounds in the game may not be as fine as you want - this is done for performance reasons as every new sound file needs to be loaded when needed (disk io) and then store in memory (more different sounds = larger memory footprint).  I personally have never modded sounds and the two sound mods I tried I ended up not liking and I run wit stock so I cannot offer any help on what file goes with what action in the game.  Hopefully the names of the files and your willingness to experiment will get you to where you want to be.

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