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Visibility ranges for specific weather settings?

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Did BFC explain, or has anyone figured out, what the approximate daylight visibility ranges are for the weather settings in FB (various levels of haze, mist, light rain, etc.)? 

For example, I want to create a scenario in the early afternoon of 18 December 1944 that would represent:

Ground condition: Normal (not mud or freeze)

Atmosphere: Poor (as opposed to fair or good)

Visibility: 1,000 meters (when theoretical maximum would be 6,000 meters)

What settings in the editor should I use to achieve this on the CMFB battlefield?

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I have  done this, but it was specific to a particular scenario. I think your best bet is to set everything you want up (date, time, etc) then run through the various weather settings until you get the results you want. I found that it's best to ignore the specific labels that CM associates with different weathers, and just focus on the effects.

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