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New (probably) video on Ukrainian Skif missle

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Just some promotional footage from the designer of the skif missile. Top end model is pretty swag with fancy thermal camera and It appears to have at least one feature that I doubt current CM engine can support, that sweet remote control. R2-M warhead's claimed performance is also not bad, 1100mm behind ERA compared to the current R2-S's 800mm. 

Also, that vintage Soviet camo. 



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At least until recently, all vehicle mounted Russian and equivalent systems have had the ability not only to be dismounted and converted to ground mounts, but also to conduct an offset launch so the operator doesn't immediately draw counterfire upon launch detection, greatly increasing the likelihood of ATGM attack success. The SKIF, though not vehicle mounted that I know of, takes that concept and runs with it, but this time having the missile and the launcher well away from the operator, who can be in full defilade if desired. Am unclear on how automatic tracking works. While I know what a LBR guidance system is and how it works, the normal type is still SACLOS, like TOW. If the target can in fact be locked onto and the missile is no longer being steered by inputs from the operator, then that is a pretty big deal. Modeling this weapon properly may prove a real coding hassle, and that's in a situation in which getting BMP-2Ms to fire Kornets is a longstanding unresolved issue. Finally, what genius thought purple cables were a good idea?!


John Kettler

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I don't know the in game ATGM's at all, do any of them now have more than one ammo type?

Modeling what is loaded into the launcher will be difficult if the crew is 50m away and you want to switch to an HE round.  

Line if sight would have to be modeled from the launcher, not the crew. 


Being able to deploy the launcher on the top of a building and move the crew behind the building would be a huge advantage.

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For some reason I had a lot of trouble using Skif in the game. Soldiers often miss even a stationary target, often hitting the ground with the missile a hundred meters off.

This is OK with some portable "dumb" launcher but for something controlled in real-time using a camera feed this is weird?

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On 27.07.2016 at 9:44 AM, John Kettler said:


The SKIF, though not vehicle mounted that I know of 

National guard has some ATVs with mounted Stugna-P (Skif), but also possibly to say that "Barriier" ATGM, mounted on BTR-4 similar to Skif and use the same RK-2 missiles. But Barrier can operate only with RK-2S, Skif can launch all types of missiles. Now, as I know, army is receiveng RK-2S missiles only (800 mm beyond ERA).  

Other interest feature of remote control usage - operator can set range to the target manually and doesn't use LRF pulse. Of course, this can reduce probability of target hit, but on other hand LWR on enemy tank will not detect direction on launcer. Though, can LWR detect pulse of LRF or not is a debatable question...


old vintage camo

This is old pre-war video. Troopers in camo for recons "bieriozka" (hypocoristic-diminitive name from "birch").  Recons of post-soviet armies like it to this time :)

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