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Akhtyrka Testers

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Looking for a few testers. If nobody is available, I will make the mission available fairly soon as is. 


PS: good battle for a hot summer night 

8 August 1943
20 KM east of Akhtyrka, Ukraine

The front around Kharkov had become untenable for the Wehrmacht. Soviet hammer blows (Operation Rumyantsov) forced the Germans to abandon the city and begin a long withdrawal to the river Dniper. During many swirling tank battles, the Panther tank proved effective in keeping the Red Army at a distance and the tank took a terrible toll on outclassed T-34s. Yet, each day, the front moved a step back toward Germany. The Panther was new to the battlefield, but held promise. Hitler specifically ordered none fall into enemy hands. Dozens of precious but disabled Panthers, survivors of Kursk were scuttled during the retreat. A battle group was formed around a handful of working Panthers at the town of Tomarovka. Under the command of Karl von Sivers, the heart of the battlegroup, 51st panzer battalion, became isolated and over the course of 5 days fought its way down the Vorskla Valley. Each Soviet attempt to block the battle group was denied. On the afternoon of 8 August elements of the 5th Guards Tank Corp threw itself across the last choke point east of Akhtyrka. Here the close terrain might negate the long range gunnery advantage vital to the Panther.









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