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Custom Game won't function correctly

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I was playing a custom built game which has worked before. It will load (sometimes) and be fine, except all the media pics will not show up. When the game is saved, and reloaded, it gives me a directory warning and loads the game without the customization files being applied. Sometimes, the game will do this upon first loading as well. I had Windows 8 when this started. I upgraded to Windows 10 hoping this may fix the problem, but I get the same results.


This was what was responded with some time ago:

Hi Gustophus,

Sounds like it is having a hard time finding the support files... Windows 8/10 and even going back to Vista has created some stricter protocols for programs installed in the Program Files folder.

What you could try is uninstalling and then reinstalling to a folder such as C:\Games\Strategic Command to see if that helps.

You'll have to reapply the custom game as well.



I have reloaded the game several times following your instructions and this has not fixed this issue. Is there any other recourse or are we not able to edit games anymore with the newer windows?


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