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Proposal: The Snail Offensive

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I am considering working on a campaign based on the memoirs within the book entitled, 'The Anvil of War; German Generalship in Defense of the Eastern Front during World War II". Specifically, I would like to create a small campaign based on a reenforced company of the German army. Just prior to the beginning on the 'Snail Offensive' the German High Command had to establish a defensive line utilizing highly mobile, rapid response, reserve units taken from everywhere. I would like to base a campaign on one of these units (mostly under my own design based on the information provided in the book). Would anyone be interested in playing such a campaign? Further more, any tips you guys can provide would be helpful.

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I'm sure there will be lots of interest - as for tips I would start with @JonS's thread about mission design in the Battle for Normandy board here ...


I would also take a look at @George MC's recent campaign KG Von Schroif as an example of how to execute a company-sized campaign.  Otherwise just holler on here if you get stuck with any problems you come across in the mission editor and I'm sure someone will pitch in and help. I think the only words of warning I will give you are that if you haven't designed a mission before I would start with a single mission before launching into designing a campaign from the get go.  I've done about a dozen missions and am pretty comfortable designing them but have still yet to release a campaign.

Good luck with whatever you choose to do.

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I'd echo the comments above - especially Jon S' thread about mission 9scenario) design.

However if you have never a mission before, I'd strongly suggest laying of the campaign initally but focus on creating a scenario (mission) to start with and see how that goes. To save any future graft I'd create a core units file and use this for your scenarios (for now unlinked). That way if you decide that mission making is easy and want to go the next step you don't have to go back and change all your units and you can easily incorporate your brand new mission into your campaign with minium fuss.

The manual has full details re creating core units file (you can then customise names, unit details etc etc - these would stay constant throughout your campaign).

The single biggest issue with a company sized campaign are losses.So you will need to consider this - casualty rates in Cm due to players actions are very, very high. I'm very capable of losing a whole company in one mission!!

Good luck with it.

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