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The [Muddy] Mod Tag

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Messing around with a mod idea last night but ran into an apparent problem. Essentially trying to create 'muddy templates' for the infantry uniforms that the community can use to layer over their own infantry uniform game files. Mod tag them with the built in [muddy] tag so the troops don't appear in pristine clean uniforms while fighting through what it supposed to be a mud bowl. This is becoming more likely as the CMFB and the upcoming modules are pushing existing CMx2 titles outside of the initial summer setting.

I appear to have run into a hurdle however and need some clarification.

Does the inbuilt [muddy] mod tag only work with vehicles? It didn't appear to be working with the infantry uniforms until I changed the mod tag into something completly custom. I'm hoping I was stuffing something up, since if this required people to use custom tags every time they are fighting in a game set to muddy/wet conditions, it sort of defeats the initial purpose of this idea.

Cheers in advance.

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Ugh, I'm the guy who *should* know the answer to that question but since I never tried muddying-up uniforms I don't know if it would work or not. I do know [muddy] tag doesn't work on buildings and trees. Not that anyone would ever try muddying buildings and trees. Less help than you would have wanted.


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Apologies in the delay getting back to this. Last night I double checked the same files in CMBN and the tag doesn't have an impact on uniforms there either, so I'm assuming it's a coding thing under the hood to only have an impact on vehicles.

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