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Future Infantry Squads

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At some short point in the future I can see US Army squads including 2 UCRV* Specialists (one working, one prepping/supporting) as a default on par with a HMG team.  

I'd also imagine using drones to deliver ammo, medical supplies, light weapons... 

And pretty soon there'll be Unmanned Transport Drones for time critical  injured men. 

This is only the beginning..... 

"Unmanned Combat/Recon Vehicle 

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Looks like another type of arms race. Interesting to see what they are testing at the NTC these days. I dabbled in robotics in the late 80's and it did not take long for every one to see the productivity benefits. But it's gone way beyond that. Replacing soldiers in harms way is a good thing unless it makes war more likely. I guess. 


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