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New Scenario: Delaying Action at Ogledow Redux

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South East Poland. Sandomierz bridgehead west bank Vistula River.
On August 10th 1944, the 1st Ukranian Front penetrated the defensive line of the 4th German Panzer Army near Sandomierz creating a bridgehead on the west bank of the Vistula. The Germans countered with 5 divisions, including the 16th Panzer. Their attack stalled southeast of Szyldow near the village of Ogledlow. German blocking positions left in the village were meager given the enemy strength just to the east. Having to withdraw, protection Szyldow and the road net to the rear was now priority for the Germans. To accomplish this task, Red Army tank formations would have to be broken up.

This is an updated battle based on player feedback. Many thanks for that.  Play it again for the map alone. Please PM me with any comments that might contain spoilers. 

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