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Quick Battle Force Adjustment

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There are quite a few players interested in very large scale games, utilizing larger force allocations than the current maximum, Huge.


A really quick fix for those of us wanting to play these larger engagements would to give both sides the Force Adjustment menu during a Quick Battle set-up.

Currently a Force Adjustment can only be given to one side, the 'Attacker', even in Meeting Engagements.


Giving a Force Adjustment menu to both sides would allow up to 150% more points than a standard Huge game allocation.


It would also mean that you could adjust the points % advantage given to the attacker in Attack and Assualt games to whatever the players agree on rather than the arbitrary amount dictated by BF.

This can technically already be done, by giving the Attacker a negative % modifier, but for those of us wanting to play HUGE + games it's an undesirable option.



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It'd be just as quick to add a "freehand" entry box (called "Custom", maybe) for the actual points allowance for each side, rather than the increasingly arbitrary limitations imposed when gaming rigs were less capable. Sure, some people would make their CPUs explode* by setting it to "as many 9s as possible", but it'd be a benefit to far more players than it would be a curse to the general playerbase.

* Yes, I know. Hyperbole.

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Aye, but by the time you've noodled around to add an existing clunky option to the defender screen, with attendant inevitable confusion ("Why would you modify both sides!??one") you might as well put in the really useful option. Maybe there's some architecture decision that makes this "difficult", but I'm struggling to see how that might be. This whole element could be very much more user-friendly and flexible for very little investment of time.

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