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Recycling the Swan denied?!

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So, being of a rather lazy disposition I decided to use a map part of one of the scenarios of the battle pack as the base for an upcoming little h2h tournament.

Now, at least one of the players in the tournament is too cheap... er... economically minded... to buy more than just CMBN. Well, usually no trouble, thanks to the nifty spacebar command in the unit editor I can avoid using units from any other module.

To my immense annoyance I find that this sort of recycling of maps (well, part of the map) is apparently not possible, something keeps insisting that the scenario demands the battle pack.

I removed all units, same result, getting interested and more annoyed I subsequently removed all buildings, then replaced all terrain with dirt, finally I removed everything, bridges, roads... It still insists on requiring the damned Battle Pack!

So, now I've spent more time investigating this than it would have taken me to slap together an map of my own, but I'm still bewildered. Are those scenarios/maps tagged in some way that is inaccessible to the private scenario designer?

If so, that is mildly alarming as it would indicate a drift toward more restricted access to pre-produced material, something that I would hate to see, as the possibility to edit, re-use and convert published scenarios has always been a very strong point in the CM system of games.

Of course I'm not suggesting that all vehicles and buildings should be available from modules that you haven't acquired, but the maps...?

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I think you will find that the maps can only be used by those that have purchased the battle pack, as otherwise no one will bother to pay for the pack rather just "borrow" the scenarios and maps from the one player that did put his cash down. The battle pack is not free content.




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